Movie Review of Bohemian Rhapsody from New Delhi, India

My first movie outing in India

Saturday night, for the first time in India, I went to a cinema here in Delhi at the DLF Promenade mall. It was super nice and looked much fancier than the humble $3 cinema I’d go to in Ventura, California. I don’t trust a cinema that doesn’t have sticky floors and diseases on the bathroom floor. Anybody know which one I’m talking about?

Anyway, I was super eager to watch the Queen…ahem…Freddie biopic. Late train, I know. This movie came out a while ago but yeah…

Too Damn High!

Movie tickets in Delhi, like in the US, are ‘too damn high!’ For a Westerner, it’s reasonable. For many local Indians, it’s a formidable expense. Hence, the people in the cinema were of a comfortable social class. And conservative, if you ask me.

Yes, i was The most interesting thing about the movie was watching the reaction of the audience. I’d like to say the crowd loved it. It seemed like a mixed review. On the one hand, people got excited when Freddie’s family mentioned or did anything Hindi related. They laughed when they saw what the family was eating or when Freddie’s white band mates came to his house and met the family. On the other hand, during the gay moments of the movie, people either looked away, scoffed or looked on in dread. There was no singing along to the rocking stadium-anthems we love from Queen. Also, every time someone smoked in the movie, a health advisory notice appeared at the bottom of the screen. Is this new? Well, it was new to me!

And if anybody cares…

My personal review of the movie: I didn’t really care for it. The acting and recreating of the performances was awesome, no doubt. But I was hoping to get a better insight into the lives of the band mates and certainly a better insight into their creative process. Overall, it seemed superficial and Freddie-centric, which makes sense to a point.

Some of the other reviews I’ve read say the movie wasn’t gay enough. But that’s by US standards. It was certainly queer enough for the New Delhi crowd in attendance. I could only imagine how the movie was received in more conservative nations around the globe.