The Whirlwind Slows Down

Ever since setting foot in India, it has been a constant go-go-go!

Most recently, I had to spend a few weeks in Delhi in order to take on a few extra lessons. This gave me the opportunity to spend some time inside of a university classroom; which I really enjoyed! However, this arrangement has ended and now my to-do list is back to normal.

Happy Holi

I was in Jaipur during the holiday known as Holi. This is the holiday where people smear each other with vibrant, colorful powder. There’s a whole lot of dancing in the street and throwing the colorful powder at others and up in the air.

While this by itself fun, the best part was that I fell in love with elephants. And I must say, there was one particular elephant who took a liking to me! LOL

At a certain Holi and Elephant party, the organizers had about 5 or 6 elephants there for the enjoyment of all. People could get elephant rides, feed them bananas, take pics with gentle giants, and stand in awe.

While at the festival, I was getting a bit bored watching the other foreigners take Holi a bit too seriously. I opted to go snooping around and try to get a sneak peak at the elephants. When getting near to the area where the elephants were being prepped for their debut, one of the Indian fellows working there opened up the canvas barrier and gestured to me to approach.

When strangers want me to follow, I always say yes. But children, don’t do as I do. You say no, ok?

I got the sneak peak I was looking for. 30 triumphant minutes with those lovely creatures, behind the scenes while the party raged on just on the other side. This was my first time ever being so close to elephants and so many! We looked at each other eye-to-eye and the little boy in me, buried deep inside, came flourishing out as vibrantly as the colors all over my face. Definitely, the highlight of this trip!

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