New Year, New Perspective

First of all, happy New Year to everyone! I hope 2019 brings you lots of happiness and health.

And speaking of being happy and healthy, I’m a lucky son of a gun! I get to start the new year off with some time in beautiful Goa to work on some personal goals outside the scope of Beto’s World, as well as some projects for Beto’s World.

Currently, in the month of January, India’s capital of New Delhi is facing severe air quality conditions. What a better time to skip out of the big city and enjoy some sunshine and drinks on the beach.

The western state of Goa is home to miles of beautiful beaches and a Portuguese flair due to the history of colonization. Remnants of this colonial past are evident in the many Catholic churches, colorful buildings, and European looking architecture.

Goa is also not so densely populated. This allows pedestrians to actually venture outside for a walk. Imagine that.

Life for those by the beach is very chill. You might as well relax because everyone already is. So if you go to a restaurant here, don’t expect the same at the snap of a finger service you’d expect in the US.

The throngs of Russian tourists and others that were here for Christmas and New Years are no longer here. The beaches are a tad quieter and the nightclubs seem to turn off the music earlier; around 11 pm. This is true at least for the venues nearest to the many resorts or beach villages.

Apparently, there’s a party district called Leopard Valley in the town of Agonda; and the party here don’t stop til the crack of dawn. I haven’t been there yet for the sole reason being that I haven’t been in the mood for Euro-trash music. But I’ll definitely be visiting soon (with ear plugs).

After Goa, I’ll play it by ear and see what’s next. I don’t normally like to make rigid, detailed plans but I do have a general direction of what I want this new phase of life to be like moving forward. I didn’t wait for the new year to come around to start making drastic changes; I’m a firm believer in the present!

From all these travels and talking with other travelers, the picture of what it means to be alive is becoming so much clearer. We were all born free and with the potential for an unlimited amount of awesome. Why do we give that away for peanuts? What have you exchanged your freedom for?

I’m firmly in the “fuck-that” camp. Take a look at my life’s resume and you’ll see that I have been either A) very adventurous or B) Have borderline personality disorder

You needn’t be as crazy as I am but do start to look around you and see what elements of unneeded BS you can cut out of your life. I’m doing my best to let in only the things that I want or need.

If it’s no bueno, well, you know which camp I’m in!

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