Down time in Delhi

Mon. 19th got back to New Delhi, headquarters. Camel festival and traveling to Jaipur and Pushkar apparently wiped me out. Pushkar was so busy and bustling! So much color and animals, people, traffic, holy men and pilgrims chanting, clapping, drumming, singing, smoking weed, dancing in the street.

…I didn’t smoke because I’m nursing my tennis elbow and need to get better…ahem…

Thursday evening the exploration will continue on towards Lucknow and Varansi, about a week in each city. I’m using this bit of down time in Delhi to research what to see, what to do in the upcoming cities; taking suggestions from people and hitting up Google. Also ordinary admin tasks like banking, paying bills etc. I’d hate for my credit score back home to take a hit.

…take a hit like the holy men in Pushkar, out on the street in front of everyone, including cops…

Anyways, its 4:50 am and in ten minutes I’ll be going w/ my landlord to a Sikh temple to which he goes to EVERYDAY to give thanks. He’s done very well for himself in life and is so humble and nice; still he finds he time to give thanks everyday to the “universe”, as he says.

After the Sikh temple in downtown Delhi, he’ll be taking me to check out the biggest and baddest sports complex in town. I’ll be back soon with the full report. I think I hear his footsteps echoing in the drowsy staircase at dawn.


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