First time visit to India? Travel like a boss!

Are you traveling to India sometime soon? Already here? Want to have outlandishly unique travel experiences?

Me too! (I’ll assume you answered yes to one of the questions above.)

Whether your travel destination is India or elsewhere, let’s travel like a boss!

Life’s too short to be just a tourist. Let’s be explorers!

Hi! I’m Beto. I’m one of those curious thinking types. Like an anthropologist, I’m studying humanity, hoping to unravel some profound secret. My approach is boots on the ground and in the nitty-gritty. Basically where Life happens.

Before the age of the Internet, I used to read about awesome places in books from our little shabby public library. I told myself as a kid, I can go there too! Why not?

In the age of the social media and blogs, I’d read travel blogs by young guys and girls who look like Barbie and Ken dolls. I told myself as an almost old-fart, I can do that too! But I have to wonder, is there a short, chubby brown doll for us other folk?

By now, in my mid-thirties, I’ve lived and worked in several countries. I’ve had an awesome time by just being me: a down to earth, curious person. Always armed with my Mexican-humility with a penchant for making jokes and making people laugh.

Through all my travels, I’ve never once been lost. Would you like to know my travel secrets? Keep coming back to Beto’s World as I roam the world and share my travel tips and secrets with you.

Don’t listen to the negative-Nancy’s who say Do Not Visit India!

To be honest, I didn’t know much about India before arriving, but I know not to listen to the nay-sayers. So here I am, loving it, and now I want to give you 100 reasons to visit India.

Actually, 100 reasons to visit anywhere! The important part is to pick up and go!


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