A dedicated educator and linguist traveling the world to do my small part for the betterment of humanity.

The experiences gained by Beto’s world will enable you to escape the everyday commonplace world and whisk you far away to little known places. With these new stories, you’ll learn how live your life like an adventure!

Live like a traveler, not a tourist

Whether on vacation or back in the Everyday, how can I be more of an explorer? How can I turn normality into an adventure? This is my goal and I recommend it highly!


Welcome, you’ve landed safely in Beto’s World.

If you love travel, to actually do it and read about travel adventures, you’re in the right place!
If you think travel is scary or too much hassle or you haven’t gathered up enough in the old piggy bank, then you’re really in the right place.

I hope my adventures can motivate you to leap in to adventure; not just a tourist, but an explorer.